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  • Jennifer Lopez Cleavage for the People Awards of the Day
    Jennifer Lopez is clearly a fame sucking fame whore who does anything to get herself noticed by the media, because she knows she can easily make 100,000 million more dollars in the next 6 months, so why the fuck not. The hispanics are loyal and the white people who were once so amazed with her [...]
  • Jennifer Lopez Lounging At The Poolside
    Here’s a few pictures of Jennifer Lopez hanging out in Italy and she’s rocking a swimsuit showing off her physique. She has to have one of the most delicious romps in the history of Tinseltown. I mean I realize Latinas … Continue reading
  • Jennifer Lopez Putting Her Booty to Work for BodyLab
    I don’t know exactly what BodyLab is, but I’m going to guess it’s a not inexpensive formula for women to look like Jennifer Lopez in their 40′s. If only that kind of magical elixir really could be bottled. I’d probably mix some into my Yoohoo and vodkas in the evenings. But, alas, an asstatic and […]
  • Jennifer Lopez, Charli XCX, Selena Gomez Highlight the 2014 American Music Awards Red Carpet Hotties

    As usual, I'm forced to take back all my mockery of the musical craptastic that is the American Music Awards. As always, the 2014 version may be a celebration of some true auditory torture, but it remains one of the single biggest night of decked out Hollywood hotties goodness of the year. There's something to [...]
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